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Share And Earn Using Facebook and Other Social Media

Share and Earn Using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus And Linked In.

   Online Raket sa Internet without any Investment 

     Just by Sharing Cool Stuffs Using your Facebook


  • 100% online home based business
  • Payment Mode: Bank Transfer (Any Local Bank)
  • Minimum Payout: Php 800
  • 2Php per unique visit on your link
  • 10php per successful invited friends
  • Free to Register

* Gusto mo ba kumita gamit lang ang facebook, twitter and other social media sites?


Ano nga ba ang 8share Philippines? 

8share Philippines is The Private Rewards Club for Social Media Users If you like getting free stuff, extra cash every month and being the first to introduce something new, this is the place for you.

Sino ang pwedeng sumali dito? 
Kahit sino na mahilig mag share ng coolest and hottest and trending stuff using social media.

Paano ka naman kikita dito? 
  • Get paid in cash for sharing Specials.  For every Unique visit po sa mga i se share nyong SPECIALS ng 8share, you'll be rewarded po of Php2, so if 10 of your friends po ang mag view ng inyong na share.. You'll earn Php 20 agad and it will automatically be credited sa inyong 8share account. 
  • Get paid when you invite your friends too. Earn Contribution Points (CPs) for being an active 8Share members. We also like running cool contests for you to win all sorts of gadgets and prize.

What is a Unique Visit (U.V.)?
 A unique visit (U.V.) for members of 8Share Philippines, is a click on a Special link from a unique visitor that comes from within Philippines.

How will I receive my money I've earned from 8Share?
 All money transaction will be made via online bank transfer, upon cash out request.

Do I have to pay to have an account on 8Share? No, it's totally free.

Do I need anything special to use 8Share?
As long as you have a social network account like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. and you love sharing cool stuff on it, then you're good.

Broadcaster's 3 Golden Rules
  • 1. Only share what you care about.Choose only the news and videos you personally love and enjoy!
  • 2. Add a meaningful message.When sharing something, be creative and write a relevant message to friends.
  • 3. Share on multiple platforms.Your friends might relate to you differently on chat, email, Twitter, blogs and Facebook.

Cash Out FAQ
  • 1. How do I earn on 8Share?Select a Specials and click on the Broadcast button. Earn reward for every unique visit (U.V.) you get when you share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. with your unique URL.
  • 2. When can I cash out money?As soon as you earn PhP800, you’ll see a Cash Out button on your Dashboard. You can request for a cash out by filling in the form.
  • 3. How will I get my earnings?Complete the Cash Out form with your local bank details. We’ll transfer your earnings directly to your bank in 20-30 days.

  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Let's Start Here: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<





A UNIQUE VISIT (UV) for members of 8Share Philippines,  
is a click on a Special link from a unique visitor that comes from within Philippines.


Payment Proof of other 8 Sharer's

    If you are interested to join, or if you have questions, just contact me.
    Send me a message in Facebook.




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Be A Cloud Crowd Worker "Work Today and Get Paid Tomorrow"


 Cloud Crowd

Were Working On It

Lot's of Us

          Cloud Crowd Servio Inc.. It's a freelance workshop! A facebook application wherein they will pay any user who can finish every task such as reviewing or classifying site, translation,researching data and writing articles. No Investment, No need of looking referrals, No paid-to-click sites, No Waiting Days To Get Paid and most of all, EASY EARNER and they pay everyday automatically to your Paypal account the next business day. Here's the detailed instruction on how to join and start building your career in Cloud Crowd:




> Click here to open the APP..

> Allow the app..

> Click "Earn Money Now!"

> Fill in the necessary forms..




What is Paypal------> Paypal is an online wallet we use to shop and buy online. Your Paypal account need to be verified to be able to receive payment. To become verified you need to link your account with a credit/debit card or a bank account to withdraw your money in your country's currency.

NOTE: If you dont have a paypal [CLICK HERE TO CREATE]

1. choose your country and choose PREMIER..

2. Fill up all necessary forms...

3. Unchecked the "link my credit card" if you don't have a credit card.

4. Then click agree and create account

5. Disregard the next page then click "go to my account"

6. Check your email to activate your paypal account..

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

Click "Credentials TAB" and then "Writing".. We will have an english test so that we will know if we can do and handle every task..

click English Comprehension Credential Test and be ready to answer 20 questions..

Then be ready for the EXAM.. this will test your english skills..

If you didn't pass the test you can try it
Note: You have up to four times to retake the exam but you will have to wait 7 days before retake.
>>>>>If you pass the test they will email you!

On Cloudcrowd Homepage: Click "My Details" to see your credential level
again after 7 days or create another facebook account and retest.

If your passing level is 4 to 5 you can now work!


Some of the Easiest Task in Cloud Crowd

SELECT PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE VALUE! [requires level 4 credential]

MATCH CONTENT! [requires level 4 credential]

EXTRACT PRODUCT NAME: EASY TASK! [requires level 5 credential]

Look at the Picture Below

 Get The Name of the Main Product
For Example:
1. Cute Sleeping Bag
Answer: Sleeping Bag
2. Blue Sweater
Answer: Sweater

NOTE: Do NOT include the following in your "Product Name"

Brand/Company (Ex: Sony, Nike, Adidas)
Container Size (Ex: 2lb, 5oz, 1-gal, 250 count)
Color or Clothes Size (Ex: Green, Black, XL, 34L)
Model Number (Ex: 5800, 4S, 54TLUV1)
Number in Set (Ex: 2-pack, 5-pack, 3)

Technique most common the answer is noun like for example:
Ex. Nike Blue sweater
Ans: Sweater
Note: If cannot define by noun like this one:
Ex. Adidas Sleeping Bag
Answer: Sleeping Bag
It means Adjectives + Noun>>> Because if it's bag only there's a lot of kind of bag. just to make it specific

> Submit your work when you feel sure about it

Tasks are automatically sent to you when it is available..

If you need a break or want to stop reviewing site, you can check the exit button

Then you will redirected to the homepage..

From the Cloudcrowd homepage you can see:

AMOUNT AWAITING APPROVAL: means all you earn worth of approved task.

AMOUNT PENDING APPROVAL: all the money of the task you finished and waiting for approval...

Credibility: This serves as your POWER! 30 is the default power task. If you make wrong reviews on sites, they will minus your credibility and if it reaches 25- you will be on probation.


WHAT IS PROBATION? This serves as a warning that your credibility reaches down to 25. Probation comes when 1 to 2 of your work gets rejected or unapproved. It comes with ACCOUNT LOCK OUT wherein you are not allowed to take tasks within 24 hours.. When you fail again to have approved tasks, your cred will go down and once it reaches 20, your account will be suspended.

WHAT IS SUSPENSION? means you have to say bye with your account and apply again in your another Facebook..

BE PATIENT! It takes 24 hours before you can make tasks again..
After 24 hours you can take smaller tasks like COMPLETE A PERSONAL PROFILE FOR COMPLETENESS that is worth 2 cents. They maybe small but these tasks will give you 2+ credits to raise your probation. When your credibility reaches 40, everything will be back to normal and you are no longer on probation.

When shall I be Paid?
All the money you earn in a day will be paid to you the next day.. . They pay MONDAY to FRIDAY (5:00PM Pacific Time) and thats Tuesday to Saturday 8am in the Philippines.

In my first day of doing these things It was quite hard but I did study all the instructions and I get used to it everyday.
Note: Post paypal payment history
Just remember these things:

> REMEMBER to SKIP THE TASK if you find it hard to categorize the website or undecided just skip the task.

> you need to finish the category task within 15 minutes..

> focus on the about us, our menu and our services link..

> you will get probation when you give false review on tasks or once your credibility level reaches 25 below.

> The two task above are just an example of taking task in CloudCrowd but if you can write and check articles, encode data fast, research data and everything, well this is the best job for you ever..

If you work hard enough in reviewing sites, this is what you may earn:

> base rates may vary from $0.05 to $0.10 but changes from time to time..

EXAMPLE: Assuming you can finish tasks in 5 minutes and the current base rate you are working on is $0.06 cents and you would want to work 12 hours in a day..

Since: 60 mins / 5 mins = 12 (you can make 12 tasks in 1 hour)

12 tasks x 12 hours = 144 tasks

144 tasks x $0.06 = $8.64 US DOLLARS a day

$8.64 a day x 30 days = $259.2

Note: This is sample computation of what you can earn doing the task in select product attribute value and Review Select Product Value which has a $0.06 base rate 
Let's Convert it to Pesos
Assuming that 1$ USD is equal to = Php43.00
The Total Monthly Income = Php11,145.6

**What if your working with Writing and Editing Articles which have the higher rate/pay?? Let's say 1$ base rate per task:
Sample Computation: 
Since: 1hour = 1 writing task (work for 12 hours a day)

12 tasks  a day x $1 = $12 a day
$12 x 30 days/month = $360/month
Convert it to Pesos = $360 x 43php =  Php15,480.00/month
TOTAL MONTHLY = Php15,480.00/month

This is your possible Monthly income just by sitting infront of your computer using your facebook account and having your midnight snacks hehehe..
Once you master the walk-through and techniques, you will be faster and earn $5-10 dollars in a day.. 1st day would be hard and confused, 2nd would be boring.. 3rd day you will be learn something new.... 4th day you build your CAREER!

Enjoy and God bless..

This is the NEW GENRE of working online.. Hurry!!! Register now FREE TO JOIN

List of My PayPal Payment Proof

Latest Payment November


PayPal Payment Proof

Screenshot of my own payment daily

CloudCrowd Referral Program

Why should I join?

Get paid for your friends' work! Your Personal Crowd is the group of people you have referred to work at CloudCrowd. When you refer people to us, we pay you for a percentage of the work they do. The CloudCrowd Referral Program is an excellent opportunity to make a passive income by referring workers to CloudCrowd's proprietary workspace platform.

What Is The Payment Schedule?

For Work Performed By Your:You Receive The Following Commission:Length of Commission Eligibility:
1st Level — Workers you directly refer to CloudCrowd10.1% of what they get paidThis is for all work the worker completes for 2 years.
2nd Level — Workers invited by your 1st level crowd3.2% of what they get paidThis is for all work the worker completes for 2 years.
3rd Level — Workers invited by your 2nd level crowd1.5% of what they get paidThis is for all work the worker completes for 2 years.

Is There A Limit To How Much I Can Earn?

There is no limit to the commisions paid for referring business to CloudCrowd.

When Are My Commissions Paid?

Commissions are paid daily through PayPal transfers.

How Am I Paid?

Commission payments are made through PayPal on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, except for national, US holidays.

Does CloudCrowd Provide Any Marketing Support For Me?

Yes, CloudCrowd maintains a referral program resource page to help with your efforts.

What Am I Allowed To Say?

You are allowed to market CloudCrowd as work delivery platform or workspace application.

Are There Any Restrictions?

You must accurately represent CloudCrowd when promoting CloudCrowd to the public

What Are The Policies For The Referral Program?

You must accurately represent CloudCrowd when promoting CloudCrowd to the public.

Where Should I Post Information About CloudCrowd?

CloudCrowd maintains a referral program resource page with helpful marketing tips, logos and images.

For How Long Do I Continue To Recieve Commissions?

Commissions are paid 30 days after the completion of the order. You will continue to receive a commission for each purchase the referred customer makes. The total commission percentage is halved after three years and halved again every three years thereafter.

If This Is The CloudCrowd Referral Program, Why Do I Have To Go To Facebook?

CloudCrowd's application utilizes Facebook's platform.

Do I Need To Have A Facebook Account To Participate In The Referral Program?

Yes, You will need to have a Facebook account to sign up for the referral program. You can do so, by accessing our sign up forms on Facebook.

Do I Need To Be A Worker To Participate In The Referral Program?

No, you do not have to complete work on CloudCrowd to participate in the referral program. You do need to register with CloudCrowd in order to receive a personal referral code. This code will be appended to all the links and marketing material you prepare to participate in the referral program. You can only get a personal referral code by registering with CloudCrowd through Facebook.

Daily Payment Fast and Automatic to PayPal


Blogger Name: Glyde Ramirez
Add me to Facebook:
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